Friday, January 30, 2009

Lap Band Surgery - the lead up.....

It was about a year ago when the thought first popped into my head that lap band surgery might be a useful weight loss tool for me. I dismissed the thought thinking it was too expensive, too restrictive, too painful and too ridiculous an idea ! Then as time went on and I saw friends around me have the procedure and were very successful, my thoughts about this surgery became more constant....and made more sense. I would be a perfect candidate for this surgery. I am not a junk food eater. I eat great food...just too much of it :-( My body just doesn't know when to say "Megan, put that fork down now...your tummy is full". After much research (cos I'm the queen of researching !!) I realised that I was a perfect for the lap band. I would be limited in how much I ate, whether I liked it or not !!! Over fill your tummy and there's only one way the food can go - UP !! So, just prior to Xmas 2008, I made some enquiries, saw my GP and then rang the surgeon's rooms for appointments in early 2009.

January has been hectic, to say the least.

My first appointment was with the surgeon's nurse. She weighed me, explained the band to me, explained the procedure to me and confirmed what I had already suspected - I WAS indeed a perfect candidate for this !! YIPPEEEE.

Next step (a week later). See the dietician. This lady explained what I needed to do in the lead up to my surgery (i.e. OPTIFAST), and then the two weeks post op.

Next appointment was the surgeon - another week later ! He was great and also confirmed that I was a great candidate for this surgery..Young, fit, healthy and I was a little chuffed when he called me one of his "smaller banders"....ME? SMALL? Okay, I guess in his line of work I could be considered small :-)

So the next step is to have an ECG, some bloods and book surgery. This is all before the month of January is over. Yes, it's been very very busy !!!

Long story, short. ECG done - all good. Still waiting to hear back for bloods, but "assume" they are okay. Blood pressure a little high, but I've been sick with a virus/flue and the kids have started school this week, so I guess it can be expected., Thursday 5th Feb !!!

That's THIS Thursday. Will be pleased to be off the Optifast to be honest. Am a little bit over it.

However, it's only a liquid diet for 2wks post op!!! and that DOESN'T include beer & wine - DAMN IT !!!!

So....stay tuned.....more updates to come :-)


  1. All the best with it Megan. It sure is a shame that the liquid diet doesn't include alcohol LOL!

  2. Sounds like you're really ready for this Megs, I can't wait to read more.

  3. Do the guidelines say you definitely can't include alcohol? Liam was telling me the other day (after having baby teeth removed so his adult teeth had room to grow) that the guidelines didn't specifically say he couldn't drink Coke so he should definitely be allowed to! lol)

    I hope this journey goes spectacularly well for you Megs, will be following with interest.