Saturday, January 31, 2009

What an inspiration....

Shell...this I will dedicate to you !!

I had the absolute pleasure of spending a bit of time with Shell (from Melbourne) this last weekend....what GREAT timing...a few days out from my surgery and I see a REAL LIFE SUCCESS STORY !!!! What a true inspiration you are my friend. What is it? 34kgs to date? I take my hat off to you lovely. You look amazing !!! You have given me the energy I need for these last few days.

I have not strayed from the Optifast proud I am of myself that I can be told to do something and I just do it ! This weight loss means everything to me. I have everything else I could want. A wonderful husband, two beautiful children, a beautiful home (snakes & all)....and this weight loss has become my one final goal. It will make my almost perfect life....perfect.

As promised to Shell....I will be taking photos (blergh blergh blergh) & posting in the next few days....probably should have taken photos prior to starting Opitifast cos I know I've lost some weight so far...but it's not like me to jump IN FRONT of the camera!!! So we will make do with pre-op photos and go from there ;-)

To all of those who are reading my blog.....THANK YOU...from the bottom of my heart for caring enough to do so x The support I am getting through this has astounded me xxxx


  1. You definitely need to take photos, even if you decide not to share them. ;) They are SUCH a great reflective and motivational tool. It's hard to look in the mirror and SEE a change from a week ago, a month ago, etc. The changes are much more visible when you have a photo to refer back to.

  2. Best of luck for Thursday Megan. So excited for you.

  3. Aww Megsy, thank you. I'm so happy to have seen you this weekend. I can't wait to see you again, in a few months, and see in you what you see in me. I've soooo very proud of you for taking this step and am also proud to be a Bandit with you! Wishing you all the best for Thursday, I'll be thinking of you.