Thursday, March 5, 2009

yummmmm, real food.....

Saw the dietician on Monday and it was time to talk turkey (and steak & chicken) YES, I'm eating real food again !!! It feels like forever since I've had a good chew on a Ryvita, and it feels goooooood !!!!

So anyway the plan is to eat mostly protein with a small amount of vegies. IF (and only if) I am feeling hungry after my meal I am to add some "fillers" (maybe half a tablespoon) of pasta, rice, potato to my meals.

So my main meal needs to be on a side plate (that's pretty much all I'd fit in) and half the plate needs to be protein (this equals about 1/2 cup of mince or one chicken stick), then the other two-thirds of the plate need to be vegies. If I need the filler, it takes up a tiny little corner of the plate - not worth cooking them really !!!!

I have managed to get down Ryvita's, Vita Weats, Smoked Salmon and even this morning I had one piece of yummy Burgen Bread with 2 tablespoons of creamed corn - this was quite possibly "over doing it" cos I felt like I'd just eaten at the Sizzler smorgasboard (twice!) needless to say lunch is probably off the menu today cos I am still full (very full) 2 hours after having this - but that' s the whole idea - eat well, but eat LESS !!!!!!!

So I gradually introduce "tougher" foods for me to eat...for e.g. instead of eating two fruits in a tub or banana (which is soft), I need to try to get myself to a point where I am eating apples or pears - foods that take a long time to chew, chew, chew and that will sit in my "pouch" for a lot longer....

I see my doctor again in 3.5wks time (probably for another fill of saline) and then the process starts all over again - have the fill, have liquids for 24 hours, then soft chewable foods, then challenge myself ..... until the next fill when we do it all over again !!!!!!

My weight this week is down to 93.9kgs - so that's a total loss of
13.1 kgs

Happy happy days ;-)


  1. Amazing Megs, so glad you're on practically regular food!! And well done on your loss to date, you must be feeling a millon dollars!

  2. such great progress megs and yay for normal food :)

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