Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ouch!! What a week.....

Sunday morning, I woke and all felt ok. I ate 2 poached eggs for brekkie and then it started ...... sharp stabbing pain all over my stomach, in my chest, and down my left side. I could not bend over, I could not lie down, I could not walk too quickly. And my first thought was - the band had slipped. This is devastating news if it were to be true. It would mean a re-operation and not necessarily success with a new band. So after a horrific night's sleep on Sunday night, I phoned the doctor's rooms on Monday morning. They squeezed me in for an appointment Monday arvo and I drove all the way into the Wesley to see him. He was quite concerned at first....asking me questions and me throwing him which he looked at me blankly. Yes, at first my symptoms could have indicated a "slip" however the big difference (and the reason why he believes I have not had a "slip) is because 1) I am getting food & liquid down; 2) I am not vomitting. If you have a "slip" you are most likely going to have these symptoms.

So after about 2mins in his rooms, the only advice he could offer me was to "wait for 48hours and we'll see".... So with that, I went home a little relieved but still in pain.

It is now Thursday and the pain is easing with every day. I still can't lie on my side, but the sharp stabbing pain seems to have subsided (thank goodness!). I will say one thing though...I barely eat! I have a cup of coffee and I am full for hours...not sure this is a good thing, but as long as that weight is coming off, I don't really care. I am not tired, I have plenty of energy, I take my vitamins, drink heaps of no problem really!

So, weigh in for this week - have lost another 1.3kg which brings my total weight loss to

14.4 kgs !!!!


  1. So glad the pain is finally easing Megs. xo

  2. Thank goodness the pain is easing Megs. 14.4 kgs!! Your doing so bloody well!!!