Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's been so long....

so where do i start?

real food has been really easy to introduce for me. in fact, for the first 3wks post fill, i had good restriction, but then as the restriction wears off, you become more adventurous and start trying new the end of my 4wk gap between fills...i was eating steak & sushi like I was before - a perfect indication that it was time for more saline!!

rewind a little though.........about 2wks after my first fill (you know, the one where he dug into my stomach for half an hour!!! :-)) I noticed the biggest of my scars (which is called the port site scar) was becoming infected. i didn't think anything of it and just maintained it, kept it dry, used peroxide & betadine and thought it would just get better on its own. it started to do just that. i had to ring my doctor to get the all clear to start at the gym and i happened to mention the infection....well i think the receptionist nearly dropped the phone...apparently, this was far more serious than i had first thought and the doctor would need to speak with me urgently. it seems that an infection like that can be caused by the tubing or the port site or even the band itself and unless you get to the infection on time, it means you need to start over again :( so the doctor faxed a script for antibiotics to my local chemist and it was a matter of wait & see - it was a long week !!!!!

the infection was continuing to improve and by the time i went for my fill last Tuesday, it had completely dried up...relief !!!!

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