Thursday, May 7, 2009

it's been ages.....

but all is going really well.

I have had another fill with Dr Elliot. This time he put 0.8mls in and the band has become quite tight. I have even had something get stuck. Cold roast pumpkin of all things!!! I am now not able to eat my yummy yummy Burgen bread, so that means pretty much ALL bread is out now. I can't eat grapes nor tempura batter (which is not such a bad thing). I have upped my protein intake (suggested by my dietician) as surprisingly (to me) protein is what will stay in the little pouch the longest. I thought carbs would, but NO, carbs slip right through! So I have a small amount of protein with all main meals. I am only managing 3 meals a day. Occassionally I will have a snack, but not often.

I have started at the gym too and I love it. I try and do cardio 3 x a week and weights 2 x a week. I really feel great after I've done a gym session.

Now...for my weight. DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......

WOOOHOOOOOOO.....that is now a total loss of 20.8kgs

I am fitting into size 16 clothes. Some clothes that I have not worn since before I was even pregnant. I now officially WEIGH LESS THAN GEOFF !!! For the first time since before we were married, I weigh less than my husband!!! That is such a great feeling.

Next fill in about 2.5wks...but not sure that there will be "a fill" at all. Can't really eat much less than I do now!! My meals usually consist on a small can of baked beans for brekkie. 2 Cruskits for lunch. Small plate (side plate size) of meat & veg for dinner. Throw a few coffees and some water in there and a handful of almonds occassionally and that's about it for me for a day!

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  1. Wow Megs. Over 20kgs in what 15 weeks? What an awsome result - truly inspirational!! Congrats xx Kt