Sunday, May 17, 2009

ok....getting stuff stuck really hurts !!!!!

So all has been good since my last fill, however, this is where one is really tested in the whole lap band world ! Easy my arse !

Imagine are hungry, really you do the "right" thing and grab some left over pumpkin from the roast last's soft, it will go down easy, right????

WRONG ! Imagine the feeling of swallowing something only half way and then it just doesn't move....imagine then, anything you swallow AFTER you've swallowed what is now stuck, comes back up again - YEP, THAT MEANS YOUR OWN SALIVA !!

Lesson No. 1 - don't eat left over cold pumpkin. A few hurls and a lie down fixed me up ok ..... this time

So then you can imagine my experience when I ate some steak (very tender steak, but meh, doesn't seem to matter these days!!) and you eat it too fast and you eat too much !!

3 hours later.....when I couldn't possibly vomit any more, I am slightly convinced that small bits of the steak are now starting to move through the band. So I have a water icy pole....this water is obviously trying to push past the steak which is now lodged in my opening, so as it pushes through past the steak, causing me excrutiating pain, I start vomiting again...or PB'ing they call it (productive burping/barfing)'s your body's natural reaction to having something vomit it out...IF ONLY MY BODY KNEW THAT......some people can get whatever is stuck back up again, others can't...So after now almost 5 hours of vomiting and excrutiating pain, the steak passes through.

The day after I am sore, I am sorry, I am on liquids only because my stomach is inflammed. But I have no one to blame but myself. I need to slow down my eating and I will be fine.

So after saying all that all I can now say is...

GOD I LOVE MY BAND xxxxxxxx :-)

Oh weight down to 85.9kg !

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  1. OUCH!!! Oh Megs, that sounds awful.

    Glad you managed to puke it all out though.