Sunday, February 15, 2009

11 days post Op......

I am not sure why I've been avoiding posting...time? energy? not sure. Here I am though, 11 days post Op, feeling better with every day! The first few days were pretty tough...esp when you have young ones. You want to cuddle them. You can't - it hurts! You want to pick them up. You can't - it hurts! You want to can't - it hurts!! The first week has been just concentrating on what liquids I could get down. It's hard to know how much or how little. I am still (in my head) calorie counting!! Once a dieter, always a dieter I guess. Obviously there is no need to calorie count. I am eating such small amounts that the weight HAS to come off.

So my diet has consisted of:

Up & Go (Energise drink)
Icy poles !!!

All up I would probably have about 400ml of sustagen and half a can of soup (per day)...with an icy pole for dessert!!! Not much going in that's for sure!. I don't generally get hungry..but if I do, I just have some water or another icy pole. It doesn't take much to keep the hunger at bay. Thank Goodness....Hunger is MY enemy!!

Today I have had some reflux though and although I was quite concerned about it at first (thinking of a "band slip" - which would possibly mean another operation or even worse, removal of the band altogether!), but since having a talk with the nurse, she doesn't seem to think it's anything serious...that possibly I have just eaten something too quick or eaten too much of something...thinking back, I remember eating some soup at dinner last night and did eat that pretty quickly. If the reflux doesn't subside, I need to go back to the surgeon and have a barium swallow done. She assures me that reflux is quite common esp in the early stages of the surgery, so that has put my mind at ease (a little....for now :-))

Tomorrow I see the dietician again. This is to move me from liquids to mush - You have NO IDEA how excited I am about this. This will open up a whole new world of flavours for me! I can't wait to get some mashed vegies or some Weight Watchers Dark Choc Pudding (yummmmm) into me! Even just some weetbix for brekkie would be good.....however, in saying that, breakfast is the time of the day I am the LEAST hungry. In fact, I'm just generally not hungry at all !?! Weird. I do get famished occassionally at night time...I guess that's a direct result of not eating much during the day and my body saying "hey, toots, you're going into fasting mode soon, give me something to get me through the night"!! I have managed a few cups of coffee and a diet coke too, so I am gradually becoming more adventurous with what i'm putting in.

As for weight loss.....well stay tuned...tomorrow I am being weighed for the first time!

Starting weight was 107kgs
Weight at 12 days post op ..................................????????

See you all tomorrow ;-)


  1. I've been wondering how you're going Megs. It seems all is successful. I hope the reflux subsides and there are no problems.
    Jaime x

  2. Thanks for the update Megs, have been thinking of you. You sound much more positive. All the best for your appointment tomorrow! xo