Friday, February 6, 2009


5th Feb - 5.30am...alarm went off and up I got. had to wash myself in special solution and then get dressed into clean clothes. said goodbye to my sleeping angels and headed off at 6.30am. It was quite a stressful journey cos we hit peak hour traffic. Managed to arrive at the hopsital right on 7.30am. Didn't have to wait long - maybe half an hour- until I was called to pre-op. I had to say goodbye to Geoff here though, so that was a bit disappointing. But from that moment on, it was busy times anyway.

Was taken to pre-op. Saw a nurse. Then had to have another shower. Dress in "the robe" and gown and sit & wait in the waiting area. It wasn't that long until I was called into the area where the beds was about 9.30am I think. Then I was seen by a hundred different people. Nurses, anaesthetists, my surgeon etc.. Until finally at 10am I was taken down to the theatre. There would have been about 15 people in that theatre. I felt very important!!

Before I knew it, I was off with the fairies.

Next thing I remember was being woken in recovery by a nurse saying "Megan how are you feeling". I remember moaning and crying saying "the pain is really bad and I can't breath properly". She gave me morphene and that calmed me down a bit. It's not like me to have a reaction like that to anaesthetic. Lord knows I've been "under" many times before. I was told that this anaesthetic was quite heavy cos of the duration of the op. I really felt it !

Then I was taken back to my ward where Geoff was waiting for me. The poor luv didn't know what to do. He stayed by my side all afternoon even though I was in & out of consciousness ! He did tell me that the surgeon said if I was up to it, I could go home. The nurse had other ideas and said until I could "prove" myself to her, I would stay overnight. I was determined to go my own bed, to see my I tried really hard to stay awake and become more coherent. I fooled her enough to then be sent home at 9pm that night. I don't much remember the trip home, but I do remember being greeted by my mum, who then lead me into my bed (that had clean sheets on it, god love her) and then remember snuggling down and nodding off. I was up again at 4am the next morning cos I had such bad gas pain, but I did feel fairly well...until the next day. That's when the pain really started in.

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