Monday, February 2, 2009

what to do, what to do?

After speaking with the dietician yesterday she informed me that "some people just can't handle the Optifast and do end up having upset tummies".....with that she then also suggested I go off the Optifast for the last few days and have a diet full of salad, vegies, protein BUT NO CARBS !!!!

HOWEVER, this is my cross road....

Even though my liver would still be small enough for the operation, my weight loss won't be as much if I was to go on the "normal eating diet".

The Opti Bars don't seem to upset me quite as much as the shakes/desserts, so I think I'll just stick it out...I only have 5 more meals !!! to go before the operation anyway.....

I've had terrible visions of me having diarrohea on the operating table...HOW EMBARRASMENT :-)

I had to laugh when the nurse at my pre-admission interview the other day said "now, after the op, you can have some ice, then some water, then we'll get you back onto the Optifast shake as soon as possible" - ummmmm, not gonna happen my friend LOL

So as of Thursday, it's a liquid diet for 2wks..this means mostly Sustagen (gawd, imagine if that upset me too !!!), but anything I can possibly get down that "would go through a straw" is fine too...again, that doesn't mean wine *sigh sigh sigh*

Stocked up on soup, drinking yoghurt, et yesterday..kinda wish it was winter...the soups don't excite me much in this weather.

Okay, off to have another bar - that will bring it down to 4 MORE BARS until the op !!



  1. Are they really going to try and put you back on the shakes post op????? I went straight on to any liquid that I could easily get up a straw.

  2. All the best for tomorrow Megs!!!

  3. Yes,the nurse said that...however, my dietician said otherwise, so I'll be putting my foot down on that one !!!