Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mush Week......

So after seeing the dietician last week, I have now moved onto mush food, rather than pure liquid. Wow, had no idea how much I was going to love mush!!! Vegies, meat, anything I long as it's pureed. The plan is to eat bulky mush foods, but don't eat any less than every 3 hours. At first I thought this was okay, but I was getting hungry at about 2.5 hours. Upon the dietician's recommendation, I have started to chunk up my food a bit more and now I am quite happy with 4 x small (1/2 cup) meals per day. Usually for breakfast I have mushed up weetbix with hot water & a dash of milk. Then for lunch I either have smoked salmon with cottage cheese mushed in the whizzer or one of my pre-cooked chicken stick & vegie mixes. For dinner, for the first time ever, I am having what the rest of my crew are having. I feel freeeeeeeee! Last night I made chicken mango curry. In the past I just wouldn't have even bothered with this knowing it had coconut cream in it, as well as that I would serve it with rice. Well I had some...I whizzed it up and it was great!!!!! Gone are my days of calorie counting. As long as I keep to my 1/2 cup, the dietician says I can eat what I want - although she'd rather I didn't mush up a cheeseburger from Maccas ;-) I am satisfied after my 1/2 cup, but I know things will change this Friday when I have my first saline fill - I know I am heading for that really really full feeling.

I will be weighing myself every Wednesday morning - so stay tuned for this week's weigh in.

Then Friday, my first fill - WOW, lots of stuff to post this week.

See ya when I'm skinny (which may be sooner than I first thought ;-))


  1. You sound so excited to be 'eating' again. Looking forward to the rest of your journey Megs.

    You seem to be happier and more content within yourself already.

  2. Definitely loving life again. Bothering to do my hair & make up and even bought a new top that I've already worn to death. Saw some friends the other day who we hadn't seen in about a month and both their mouths dropped open. I am not sure that my weight is THAT noticeable, it's more the way I've been carrying myself again - my confidence is back team !!!!!