Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So.....tomorrow's the day

Today has been interesting to say the least. I had a bad day on the "bars" yesterday and was in & out of the bathroom all night !! Today I did what the dietician recommended and that was to eat normal food...i.e. protein, salad & veg....that's what I did. It was like my last supper(s) !! Felt good to actually EAT some protein, even though they were only eggs and some salmon....just the same, knowing I won't be eating anything like that for a while, felt good to get some food into me that was not being sucked through a straw!

BAD THING THOUGH.....I still have the runs !!! eewwwwww !! What is wrong with me???!! I am quite concerned about my stomach and have visions of the surgeon opening me up and then closing me back up straight away, saying "wow, all these years of over-eating, you've done some serious damage to your body Megan, there's no way we can do this op".

Yes, I will have a sleepless night tonight, just thinking about that. What if I wake up & they HAVEN'T banded me !! Argh, that would be the worst feeling in the world.

I went & bought a book to read while I wait for admission. Looking forward to reading that. Got a facial today & some waxing....that felt good. Who knows when I will have time to get either of those things done in the coming weeks.

So, here I am.....sitting here, organising all my bits & pieces, waiting for 6.30am to arrive, so I can get in that car and head down that road to the new ME ! And as I sit here, wondering how on earth I let my body go like I've done, I remember all the good things that make me the person I am. My weight does not define who I am, but I need to love every part of me..not just the inside. So tonight I will say goodbye to my outer shell & look forward to a future with a new one !

See ya when I'm skinny !!!!!!


  1. Megs, you sound so ready for this. Thinking of you today, can't wait to read all about this exciting journey. xx

  2. I'll be thinking of you today! This is step one in the new life of Megan.

    If you need anything, give me a call :)